Surf Community

 A surf community is for all of those who love all things about surf. You can find a surf community in every area. Moreover, it is a surfing network for all surfers who enjoy everything surf. Some of these communities focus on the culture and history of surfing. There are so many local stand-out surfers, local legends and thousands of surf lovers throughout the world.

This is a kind of community where all avid surfers interact, share information and check out surfing events and the best places to surf. These online sites are where surfers throughout the world could share information about surf spots, surfing   holidays and all stuff related to surf.

For the latest news about surfing and surfing stars, this is the place to be. In addition to that, one can also learn so many things about surfing online. The information on these websites is regularly updated to provide all surf lovers the latest information about this favorite past time and sport. You can also upload surf pictures, surf blog, discuss anything about surfing, join surf groups and many more. Get more details and information about the big waves today by joining one of these surf communities on the web.

Best Surf Spots

 Surfing without great waves is the same as hot beer, which is totally uncool. If you love to surf, you should check out the best surf spots to enjoy your sport or leisure. Here are some of the best surf spots for you to consider.

1. Gold Coast, Australia is located in the southeast corner of Queensland and is famous for its popular surfing beaches, canal systems and sunny subtropical climate. While it is costly, it is a terrific tourist attraction and one of the best places to ride the waves.

2. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia are a wave-rich chain of seventy islands and islets off the western coast of Sumatra. It is one of the most consistent surf destinations around the world. Some of the best surfing experiences can be done here. You can go there from March to October but the biggest swells are most likely to happen from June to September.

3. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa is an hour’s drive from the southwest of Port Elizabeth. It is one of the most popular surfing destinations throughout the world. Great surfing months include June, July and August. Surfers often come here for a great wave ride on beaches such as the Boneyards, Super Tubes, Magna Tubes, Kitchen Windows and Albatross.

4. Fuerteventura, Spain is part of the Canary Islands. Surfers who visit the island will be extremely happy with the weather, regardless of the time of year. The top season is from October to March.

Using a Surf Map

 Find out where the perfect place to surf is by using a Surf Map. There are many amazing surf spots to choose from. You can find out where to surf best through a surf map. Regardless of where you dream of surfing, you can find a map that points to the best surf areas and provides insider information that you need to make sure that the trip is exciting and fun.

With surf maps, you need not waste your precious time looking for good surf spots. With these maps, you could know exactly where to head and spend more time riding the waves. Furthermore, full-color and detailed maps provide in-depth descriptions of every surf place as well as directions and tips from insiders, tide details break patterns and many more.

In short, using this type of map will get you everything you need to have the surf trip in your life.  With the convenient instant online download features, you could get clear, sharp and accurate map in a few seconds only. There are so many online sites where you can print maps beautifully for free. Find out where the best places are and enjoy an exhilarating ride on the waves.

Surf Forecast

 Surf forecasts provide reports, weather models, wave models and buoys reports with accuracy. Surf forecast reports are updated every hour, highlighting individual surf height with pinpoint accuracy. Weather and wave models update four times a day by zooming down through five levels to cover the spectrum from global to true local weather coverage at professional grade resolution.

            Surf forecasting uses an offshore swell data to predict the condition of onshore waves. It is used by thousands and millions of people around the world. The people who used this include professionals who put online forecasts, meteorologists working for news crews and millions of surfers throughout the world.

            While it is impossible to make an accurate prediction of the surf such as the size and shape of breaking waves, knowing the few factors could make a prediction good. One should understand how waves are formed. A basic knowledge of bathymetry and information like location, tides and weather regarding the surf sport being forecasted to forecast the surf accurately. Surf forecast is great so that surfers would know when the best time to indulge in their favorite sport and hobby is. Moreover, the forecast also helps in determining when it is dangerous to venture out on the waves.

What is Surfing?

 Surfing is a water sport in which the athlete rides breaking waves to shore on a surfboard. The history of surfing goes back to at least 500 years ago and probably even older. Early Polynesians developed this sport and brought it along with them as they traveled all throughout the Pacific. Moreover, they introduced it European explorers and missionaries.

This is indeed a great sport and pastime as well. The feeling of riding the waves is simply exciting and exhilarating. The surfboard used is often skinny and long, made from covered form, buoyant meaning that they can float. The earliest surfing as mentioned earlier took place in Polynesia in the Pacific. During this time, the boards were made of wood.

Eventually, riding the waves became a popular sport around the world, and movies about it introduced audiences to the lifestyle, adventure and look of surfers. Most people surf for fun while others to compete on a professional level. People who surf often wear swimsuits or wet suits to keep them warm in the water. They should also make safe options since waves could sometimes be rough and big. Nevertheless, most surfers will inform you that the peace and thrill of riding the waves makes this a truly unforgettable sport!