Surf Camp Maroc

Surf Camp Maroc is a leading surf company in Morocco. It offers unrivalled, unique surfing holidays, great service and incredible value with breath-taking locations in one of the finest surfing destinations in the world. Surf Camp Maroc offers a wide range of accommodations for surfers. You will enjoy surfing holiday luxuries at Villa Mandala, a legendary surf camp, wonderful atmosphere and value at Auberge or the wide range of beach apartments to suit the preferences of both surfers and non-surfers.

You can find a perfect surfing holiday here. Available are surf camps, a surf school, surf equipment hire center, yoga surf retreats, surf car hire, restaurant and many more. It is run by a sociable, fun and passionate team that is dedicated to providing you an unforgettable and amazing surf experience.

Included in your Maroc surf camp stays are 24/7 Surf Maroc team, beachside accommodation overlooking the surf, return Agadir airport transfers with minimum four night stay, healthy and delicious breakfast and packed lunch, professional guides to get you to the best waves, unlimited transportation to the surf from dawn to dusk, WiFi use if you stay at L’Auberge, Villa Mandala and Taghazout Villa and optional gourmet meals at night.

Surf Camp Peniche

 Portugal is one of the widely recognized surf spot around the world. The Surf Camp Peniche offers you a beach with perfect waves. Along the fifteen kilometer coast line, you will find over twenty surf spots for all levels of surfers, from beginner surfers to advanced surfers.

Surf Camp Peniche is only a walking distance of the waves in the peninsular Peniche. It is only an hour’s drive north from Lisbon airport. The camp has an ocean view located 100 meters from three excellent surfing spots. Ever since, Peniche has always been a land of waves and sea, mild temperatures and on the west side of Portugal with a natural but stunning beauty.

It is perhaps the best place to surf in the country not just for the quality and quantity of the waves but also due  to its being a peninsula that allows off-shore winds coming from each and every quarter. With a wide range of surf spots, it has waves for all tastes of different surfers. It received its first International Surfing Championship in the year 1977 which culminates in the recent inclusion of a stage set in the calendar of ASP World Tour due to the excellent waves.

Top Surf Spots

 In a highly busy world, a surf adventure is an opportunity to go back to nature, get some exercise and most of all have fun. Nowadays, learning to surf need not be difficult and fearful. Moreover, once you are hooked, you could begin a new addiction such as looking for the top surf spots.

For all surf fanatics and enthusiasts out there, there is nothing better than to search for the top surf spots around the world. Some of these great spots include some of the finest destinations throughout the world. The Byron Bay in Australia is once a sleepy dairy town that turned to a hippie-surfer-stockbroker enclave today. It is one of the best places in the country and even the world to surf. There are various waves for different levels.

Kuta, Bali offers wonderful options for surf learners. You will simply love the long sandy stretch of sand and fun waves. Nevertheless, watch out for the currents that could grow bigger. Best time for you to go would be from May to September. Another great destination is in Lagos, Portugal. Although there are rare waves in Lagos, the beautiful Algarve town is the base for a lot of surf schools in the area. Various great waves are within a thirty minute drive.

Surf Retreat

 Whether planning on a surf vacation, family vacation or get-away, you may want to consider a surf retreat. This is very cool particularly to avid surfers around the   world. There are several places where you can enjoy a surf retreat. As a surfer, imagine being able to view a lineup from your own balcony and enjoy the benefits of the town in the tranquility of your vacation home.

Vacation surf retreat homes are modern, neat and comfortable. You could choose from open plan dining/living and two big bedrooms and every one with queen sized beds. These vacation homes are also great for small kids or a pet dog and ideal for storing and bikes and entertaining friends.

Sign up for one now and have a wonderful surfing experience. Surfing retreat is a perfect way to unwind and pursue your love and passion for surfing. Moreover, you will get to visit wonderful places of your choice anywhere in the world. By joining in a surf retreat, you will gain more experience in your favorite sport or pastime and what’s more you will get to know more about the waves. Learning to surf in a retreat is easier with the right advice and tools.

Longboard Surf

Maneuvering a longboard surf is a wonderful way to star surfing. You could catch a wide variety of waves and hop more easily compared to using a shortboard. If you are a beginner, a longboard surf also makes you feel more stable whether you are sitting, standing or paddling. Surfing on a longboard is graceful, smooth and almost appear like you are dancing with the wave.

To surf using a longboard, rent one from a local surf shop and have them match it to the size of your body. You could rent the board for an hour, half the day or for the whole day.  If you are intent on learning, try negotiating for one week.

Carry the longboard to calm water near the shore and away from breaking waves. Lie down and star practicing and paddling. Make sure you adjust your weight forward and backward until you are well-balanced and could glide through the wave with less effort. Paddle to where waves are and keep rolling toward shore in foamy white water after they have broken. Keep on paddling as waves reach you and never stop until you are sure that it carries you along with it to the shore.

Surf Trips

 Surf trips provide one of the best experiences when it comes to surfing. There are several surf trips to Indonesia, Maldives, Sumatra, Fiji and many more places of your choice. This trip is all about unique surf adventures to the hottest surf spots around the world.

When it comes to a surf holiday, never settle for second best. If you want maximum surfing time with less hassle, then   you should consider planning on your surfing trip ahead of time. In the past years, the surfing travel business has boomed and is more affordable. You can find the best surf camps in the best destinations and surfing trip organizers work together to offer you the best price in the best place to surf.

The moment you send an inquiry to some of these surfing trip organizations, they will get in touch with local surf teams and arrange the best package and price for your trip. Keep in mind that each trip is different and various groups would like to surf different waves, stay in different places and eat various things. Organizers constantly tour the world in search for the perfect waves and the   perfect location. You can opt for some of the finest and the best surfing destinations to visit.

Surfing Memorabilia

 The wide range of surfing memorabilia includes photos, art, posters, boards, records, shirts, books, stickers, movies and many more related to surfing. There are also old surf stuff you can check out. One of the famous places to check out surfing memorabilia is Duke’s Waikiki. The restaurant at the Waikiki features a great collection of memorabilia which includes a lot of original pictures of Duke. Furthermore, it offers live Hawaiian music every night, tropical drinks, fresh local seafood and Hula Pie dessert.

The   Bishop Museum houses one of Duke’s early surfboards. The archives of the museum also have the biggest collection of photos in the world. Another of the great places where you could check   out surf memorabilia includes the Culture Museum and North Shore surf.

The North Shore surf and Culture Museum attracts many people, from locals, tourists and historians to its quaint but unassuming location in the famous surf town of North Shore in Haleiwa. The museum contains a collection of antique surfboards which includes the first ever motorized surfboard, the first snowboard and hollow and old wooden boards. All throughout the day, surf movies are shown. These educate guests regarding surfing and the North Shore culture as well.

What is Surfing Art?

 Surfing art is an art that is related or about surfing. There is a strong connection between surf culture and art that reaches back to 3,000 years ago in Peru, where some of the first historians in the world carved arts of surfers. Nevertheless, the intersection of art realms and surf today extends beyond art life.

One of the popular medium of surf art is photography. Pictures document life and in terms of surfing, it integrates a sport, passion and lifestyle. The primary objective of surfing photography is not just o enlighten viewers about the joy of surfing but also to demonstrate other facts of life of a surfer.

These days, some notable surfing art artists include John Severson, Rick Griffin, Bill Ogden, John Van Hamersveld, Leroy Grannis, Jeff Divine and Drew Brophy. A lot of artists have attempted to encapsulate the surf culture in their work. Whether it is cave drawings by native Hawaiians, painters from generation to generation, graphic designers, surrealists, sculptures and installation artists with plenty of avid artists in time following suit. Surf art has spread from the coastal places to urban cities like New York wherein art exhibitions and surf culture could be found today.

Choosing Surf Clothes

 Surfing is one of the most favorite and popular sport of a lot of people in foreign countries. Surfing could be classified into several parts like drop in position to catch wave, wave positioning and pop-up. There are several varieties and kinds of surf clothes available for you to choose from. When it comes to surf clothes, make sure they are comfortable and nice to wear.

Overall, surf clothes come in all sizes, shapes, styles and brands for both men and women. It becomes popular everyday thus it makes sense that wetsuits and other kinds of surf gear becomes very popular in recent years. Moreover, surf clothes make sure that you are dressed at the right temperature for the ocean and you are suitably streamlined. The first thing that you should purchase is the wetsuit. This serves as insulation.

Looking for a wetsuit that fits you perfectly does not only make surfing more comfortable but also protects your against elements. It is vital to be fitted properly in order to get the right fit for your body. The price is obviously a big factor to your choice since the more you can pay, the higher the quality of the suit would be. Headwear and hats are a personal choice. Nonetheless, those with longer hair usually opt for these to keep hair away from their eyes while surfing. Most riders prefer to wear sunglasses to keep the reflection of the water’s glare from the eyes.

Surf Camps California

Surf camps California provide programs to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you are an avid surfer or have never surfed before, there is plenty of coaching from various surf camps that enable you to reach your goals. Surf camps California have programs of personalized instruction on the beach, on the water and professional surf photo and video analysis at the camp. Most of these camps focus in water safety and instruction while having fun in the sun at the same time.

Surf camps in California assure you of a well-staffed, safe and instructional environment. You can also create wonderful friendship among surfers in respecting and appreciating the ocean. Moreover, there are also camps for children to learn how to surf of improve their surfing in a small group environment. Small group instructions provide learners with more individualized attention and a safety environment in which to learn to surf.

There are so many surf camps scattered around the state of California. These camps are dedicated in providing students with the best instruction possible in ocean safety, surfing and lifeguarding skills. Lifeguard instructors are professionals in the field of ocean safety and other related activities. Moreover, instructors are world-class surfers with extensive experience in teaching all surfing level abilities.